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Previous Company Address:
Schultenhofstr. 19-23 · 45475 Mülheim an der Ruhr  · Germany

The main purpose of the company is the maintenance and repair of aircraft parts as well as rescue and safety devices in and for aircraft.

In August 2021, all machines, systems and spare parts as well as the company name R&S Aircraft Service from Mülheim / Ruhr will be acquired.
The maintenance of the life jackets etc. will continue to be carried out from October 1, 2021 at ASF Engineering GmbH in Adelebsen near Göttingen.

Delivery Address (new) / Facility:
Ladestrasse 8 · 37139 Adelebsen (near Göttingen) · Germany

Rights and means of production of

HOSA Aircraftcompletions GmbH - Logo

Previous Company Address:
Heristalstr. 44 · 37688 Beverungen-Herstelle · Germany

The object of the company is the development and production of complete components for interior fittings for helicopters and airplanes.

At the beginning of 2021, production facilities, all rights and ideal values of the insolvent company HOSA Aircraftcompletions GmbH were bought up.

ASF Engineering GmbH also acquired all the plants and equipment from the HOSA design organization.

The ASF DOA will continue in the same premises as the HOSA DOA.

ASF Engineering GmbH DOA takes over all procedures for seat belt repair from EASA, which were developed in 2015 between EASA and HOSA Aircraftcompletions GmbH.

Maintenance of Aircraft Safety Belts

ASF SafeteyBelts - Logo - About us

In 2014 ASF Engineering GmbH took over the machines, systems, tools and the entire warehouse with all spare parts required for the production and maintenance of belts from LTB Schlemann GmbH.

The ASF employees received long-term training in the manual handling of belts by the previous owner.

The brand of ASF Engineering GmbH for the safety of aviation belts is
ASF SafetyBelts.

Delivery Address / Facility:
Ladestrasse 8 · 37139 Adelebsen (near Göttingen) · Germany

Maintenance organization approval holder

ASF Engineering GmbH - Logo

ASF Engineering GmbH was founded in 2008 as an engineering office, primarily to develop textile products and special constructions for aircraft and to support customers in these developments.

Shortly after the foundation, the know-how for helicopter and aircraft insulation was developed and transferred for a larger project.
By applying sound analyzes and sound absorption analyzes, which were carried out in our own laboratory, the insulation concepts developed were adapted to the respective sound pressure and the frequencies that occur.
Our own patented, glass-free insulating fleece (heat and noise control) was developed and manufactured to order by certified companies.

In 2014, a quilting machine was purchased with which the glass-free fleeces are to be quilted into quilted mats (rolled goods).
For this purpose, coated fabrics with MIL standards were imported and quilted.
Furthermore, ASF has the know-how for the development of special seats in aircraft for crew and troops, etc.
In 2015, a thermal roll welding machine was ordered from Jehier. This means that insulation packages (thermal and sound insulation) for aircraft e.g. CS23, CS25, CS27, CS29 can be manufactured.

Business Address / Design Office:
Heristalstrasse 46 · 37688 Beverungen · Germany